Unfired 6.5 Grendel stainless 18 ultra match barrel with bird cage and toolcraft nitride bcg 6.5 grendel bolt
5.56 RDB bullpup by Kel-Tec, comes with truglo red/green holographic sight, two 30 round magazines $600 obo
Almost new Sig Sayer ITAC pistol to carbine conversion. I won it in a raffle a decided to build it up with some extra items I had in my box of extras. Starting with the Sig Sayer ITAC platform. Added a inexpensive but incredibly accurate and tough micro red dot. Flip up front and rear back up sights, Thordson Customs pic rail buffer tube mount, Spiked Tactical 1.2 10 Inc buffer tube with castle...
I have a gift certificate for Advanced Arms in Pittston Pa. for $329. i will let it go for $300. I will go with you to use certificaate if you wish.
Scar 16s in 5.56. Black. Forward grip, Five 30rd. Mags. Sling. Questions / Offers: 570.677.9260
Ruger P-89 in excellent condition with 10 & 15 round magazine and a new fitted belt holster in the original case....
PSA AR 5.56 NATO build on a Anderson lower with a 16in barrel with a 1:7 twist a mid length gas system EPT trigger 13.5in mlok free float hand guard Magpul Moe stock and pistol grip Magpul Mvg foregrip and Magpul Buis sights with SIG Romeo 5 compact optic Blueforce Vickers padded sling with Impact weapons components QD mound on the hand guard also has four 30 round mags and comes in a Plano har...
Have 2 ammo cans full of 223, close to 500 rounds. I also have close to 150 of 308 available also.
looking to sell my Dan Wesson pm7 have 2 mags and box
Savage 300 rifle model 99 F in excellent condition with original peep sight.
I have a Sig 556 for sale. This is the civilian version of the legendary Swiss military rifle. Chambered in 5.56. This is not an AR-15... it is a long-stroke piston(kind of like an AK). It has a folding stock, and an adjustable gas system. Comes with the mil-spec "HK style" diopter site. The gun is pretty unique(compared to an AR), and is a joy to shoot. And will last forever. If interested, pl...
I have a NEF 204 handi rifle I am considering selling. I can take pictures and send more info if you are interested.
PSA 16in barrel AR build on a Anderson lower with 13.5 Mlok free float hand guard, magpul flip up sights, Moe grip and stock, EPT trigger, blueforce Vickers padded sling, Sig Romeo 5 compact red dot with four 30 round mags in a Plano hard case. This rifle is brand new build and has never been fired.
Save Money, Shoot MoreBest Deals on NEW Ammo Factory AmmoOnline Only Deals1,000Rounds of9mm Only$166.99Click Here for 9mm Deal1,000Rounds of.223 Only$269Click Here for 223 Deal1,000Rounds of.40Cal Only$219Click Here for 40Cal Deal1,000Rounds of .45ACP Only$299.99Click Here for 45ACP Deal1,000Rounds of7.62x39 Only$189.00Click Here for 762x39 Deal200Rounds of308 Win Only$123.99Click Here for 308 ...
Please include a phone with Email Reply thank you 5401 Snow cat,, Combination roof rack snowboard -ski carrier ,,,,,This is designed to fit any SUV Van or Wagon with raised side rails. It expands and contracts to fit the raised side rail to rail width of any vehicle from 32 87 cm to 50, 127 cm . Easy to put on and take off , Easy to use it on multiple vehicles.. Holds skis and or snowboards. .....
Finnigans Minnows13 brand new $70 obo for allDallas pa
Large Thule ski Snowboard carrier .. Please include a phone with e mail .Thank you .... accessorie for use with roof any rack cross bars, $ 60.. I have a Yakima Powder horn ski Snowboard carrier roof rack.accessorie .for sale separately as well..$40. .
Pro- FormUsed Treadmill
Bristal II Pool Table small75 x 43 slate
Shad Flutter Spoons- 12 for $12.50 22 for $21.50 Discounts over 100 spoons, We also do SHOP WHOLESALE pricing over 400NEW for 2018- UPPING YOUR GAME-2017 s Epic Run gave us opportunity to try to bring you an even better spoon. We wanted to increase visibility, lets face it if the fish cant see it they cant hit itWe added GLOW GLITTER SPOONS-Early morn afternoons, muddystained water, overcast, w...
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